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Nexuiz has been renowned as being one of the best and the most played games FPS open source games that have been designed for Linux. There is a reason for the Nexuiz game being so popular. The Nexuiz game was produced using the popular DarkPlaces game engine, essentially a hugely modified version of the Quake 1 engine that we all love so much. Instantly, players will be noting the quality of the graphics. There were a lot of great features that died with the Quake 1 death match and the idea behind Nexuiz is to bring some of those features back to game play for good!

The one thing is not to expect Nexuiz to be extremely complicated. By complicated, we mean the aim of the game is not particularly difficult and actually completing it is not either. The aim of this game is to get into the game play, kick some butt and then get out. Repeat steps after completion! There is a great array of weapons available and the feel of the levels make it feel like Quake 2. The fun that can be had on the Nexuiz game is literally never ending. Some of the weapons include a blast gun, shotgun and rocket launchers, so there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Game Information
Title : Nexuiz
Genre : Online First Person Shooter
Open Source : Yes
License : GNU GPL
Official Website : Link