Neverball & Neverputt

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Those that are interested in ball games will find Neverball is the perfect game for them. In fact, when directly compared with Super Monkey Ball, a game for the Nintendo, there are quite a few similarities. The idea behind the game is certainly simple. Players need to navigate a ball around the levels to ensure that they collect a predetermined amount of coins. They then must transport these coins to the portal in order to complete the game, which is a fairly simple task.

Neverball has been segmented into three separate levels, keeping everyone entertained. The easiest is just 20 levels and these can be completed within literally no time at all. The reality is, gamers might be thinking that the Neverball game is one of the easiest. That is, of course, until they reach the next difficulty. The game gets drastically harder with each level that goes by, so it keeps things interesting that is for sure.

Game Information
Title : Neverball
Genre : 3D Platform
Open Source : Yes
License : GNU GPL
Official Website : Link