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Pingus is one of those games that the majority of people are going to love. The graphics are more than adequate and the sound is just as exciting. Essentially, this feels like it has had inspiration from the popular Lemmings game that was a smash hit all those years ago.

In the game Pingus, players will be given a selection of penguins. The penguins have a mind of their own and they will do lots to destroy themselves, such as walking into walls or running off cliffs. The players job is to ensure that they are safe. They need to dig and build their way out of the traps and find the igloo. The game looks and sounds fairly simple, but it can be quite difficult depending on how the penguins are distributed throughout the level.

Game Information
Title : Pingus
Genre : Lemmings Clone
Open Source : Yes
License : zlib
Official Website : Link