Cube 2 (Sauerbraten)

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The great thing about Cube is that it is a game engine, which has had a game bolted onto it. This means that those that have developing skills can use it as some sort of foundation and then work to create something better with it. Essentially, this feels like the Quake 1 game engine, but with more features. In comparison to many other games the graphics are exceptionally advanced.

When logging onto Sauerbraten, expect to get the feeling of the FPS style death match player. The great thing is that those with a connection can enjoy it in the single player mode. There are two options with the DM session but also the SP/WIP mode as well.

Apparently, there is a new Cube 2 game on the way. This game though, will be an RPG based game and already looks like it could be a smash hit. .

Game Information
Title : Cube 2 (Sauerbraten)
Genre : 3D FPS
Open Source : Yes
License : zlib
Official Website : Link