Armagetron Advanced

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Armagetron Advanced is a great example when trying to prove that not all games need excellent graphics to be fun and catchy. Armagetron Advanced is actually a fairly clean game. The developers have ensured that the game works well in high resolutions, although the sound is about as good as the graphics. There is nothing over the top about this game, just a great game to get started on.

This is not to say that the game is just for beginners and not good for anyone else though. The goal of the game is to move around the grid on motorcycles. As the motorcycles move around the grid, they produce a trail, which acts as a wall. Players need to try and get other characters to ride into these trails or “walls” by making them cave in. An extremely effective but simple way to create a catchy game. As more players join, it does become harder and harder to actually get anywhere in the game, as the space gets more and more sought after.

Game Information
Title : Armagetron Advanced
Genre : 3D Online Tron
Open Source : Yes
License : GNU GPL
Official Website : Link