Top Free Linux Games

A lot of people are using Linux as their operating system, so they already know why it is good. The question is though; can they actually game on it and can they even convert their Windows friends to Linux?

The first misconception about Linux, is that there are not actually many games made available for it. The reality is that there are. Many believe that GNOME and KDE are all that is on offer, but there are much better gaming experiences available from a range of developers that are worth a look.

Here, we have listed ten of the top games that are available for free and should certainly have already been installed.

Whilst this top 10 of the simplistic games for Linux may be exactly that, it still allows us to learn something. Although graphics help improve a game, they do not have to be supernatural in order for the game to be incredibly fun. One example of this would be puzzle games, which are among some of the most popular games around. In fact, some of the most exciting are FPS games which are well known for their fruitful online action. Take a look at our top 10, 4 of the top 10 are FPS based games!

The majority of the good games around are available on other platforms such as windows. That is something that can be said for 8 of the 10 games in our featured top 10. The reason is because they were originally developed for the Linux OS then converted further down the line into Windows and Mac OS X as well.

This list has been kept as simple as possible. We have not included images as we feel that it would ruin the surprise before a visitor has even read what we think about each game that is on offer.